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Bankoni, Mali


Water is the key to life, and the beginning element of self-sustainment. We are currently working in the village of Bankoni, Mali to build two water wells providing clean water sources. We will provide the education necessary to ensure that these water resources remain safe and clean.

A geological survey has been done to determine the two optimum locations for these wells.  Funding is needed to be able to provide clean water to this village.






Education at all levels is being explored during our project in Bankoni.

Education of new water sources, health and hygiene education, and  self-sustainment education, including crop awareness are all part of the current project plan.

Bankoni, Mali currently has a mud built school with two classrooms.  NuMali has helped provide roofing and teacher salaries to keep this school on track for the current school year.  

More funding will be needed to help with the current needs of this school in order for it to continue operation for the next school year.



Health education is part of the Bankoni project.  Medical surveys during our last trip have provided an overall view of initial concerns.  With appropriate funding, the overall goal is to provide a medical clinic with available medicines to help treat the medical needs of the villagers.  The nearest medical facility other than to treat first aid needs is hours away.  A common flu is many times a deadly threat.



The ultimate goal and success of our project is to help these villagers reach a level of self-sustainment.  We will be helping with crop growth and education at a level for them to provide for themselves, and to later help them take this education one step further and enter the outside markets to be able to sell their crops.

Other self-sustainable ideas are being explored, such as poultry and egg production and traditional artistic crafts.





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