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Ginny Roberts

Experience: Horticulture Program; Urban Gardens , Purdue Extension/Marion County

Why NuMali?

I got involved after receiving a call from a member of the group who had been to Mali and was going back to work in the village. After a well was dug, the village residents had asked for help with learning how to plant and care for a variety of vegetables. In order to do this, NuMali needed someone with a horticulture background to provide the garden education to members and possibly go to Mali with them. For 14 years, I have taught thousands of youth and adults how to grow their own vegetables.  It has been very rewarding for me and beneficial for the underserved population in Indianapolis. After talking with the NuMali member, I was impressed by the fact that both the group’s mission and work being done is based on the villager’s needs and not their own agenda. I also realized that the same program I have been doing here would be very compatible with the villager’s request. I ended up going to Mali and the rest is history!

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