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Becky Burton, President

Experience:  Teacher The Orchard School, Team Leader, Coordinator of Partnerships, Taken groups to Japan, China, Costa Rica, Thailand, Mali.

Education M.Ed. University of the Pacific, B.A. International Studies University of the Pacific

Why NuMali?  

There is a simplicity to the people of Mali. They are unlike any people I have yet to meet. They are open and accepting in such a pure way. They are keenly happy. As I have traveled the world and lived in many cultures, I've never before felt the degree of connection as I feel to the people of Mali. Mali and her people have taken hold of my heart and the hearts of my children. I can't explain it, but it is clear we will want to help the people of Mali for the rest of our lives. Papou and Nu are family to me now. I am honored to help in whatever way I am able, the beautiful people of Mali. I truly embrace International peace and understanding. I am honored to be part of NuMali.

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