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NuMali Ambassador Program

is a youth leadership program that honors those that have shown an exemplary lead in promoting the needs of NuMali and the people of Mali. In an effort to enhance student efforts and development in the NuMali organization, an ambassador program has been established to formally involve  students excelling in this area.  Their role is one of youth outreach for the organization. 

Ambassadors will organize activities for the upcoming year and will be called upon throughout the year to represent the organization at functions.

NuMali Ambassadors are expected to meet the following criteria:

Must excel in or be willing to develop their verbal and written communication skills

Must have an acceptable GPA
Must have an average of 3-4 hours a month available for NuMali
No student may apply for or hold a NuMali Ambassador position while on academic or disciplinary probation

What students gain from serving as a NuMali Ambassador:

Public Relations and Presentation Experience
Leadership and Teamwork Skills
Networking Skills
Creativity Experience
Mentoring Opportunities

Training/Experience you will receive from the program:

Knowledge of all NuMali programs and activities
Youth recruitment into the NuMali organization
Presentation skills
Team Building
Leadership development
Project and time management
Problem-solving skills
Verbal and written communication skills



At the beginning of each year, the NuMali Ambassadors will establish their own objectives for the NuMali Ambassador program.  These objectives will be relayed to the board liaison and reported to the board.




A NuMali Ambassador should possess or be able to develop the following characteristics:


Time Management
Communication Skills


Sense of Humor

Computer Skills

Leadership Skills
Appreciation for diversity

Positive Attitude

Compassion for Others

Requirements of a NuMali Ambassador:

Be present at NuMali functions and events when available
Attend other events as needed
Attend one NuMali board meeting per year
Participate in NuMali Ambassador yearly planning
Plan and attend a NuMali Ambassador Fundraising Event
Create a 3 minute video promoting NuMali
Create a one page outline of a fundraising event that can be used for NuMali


Please click the following link to be directed to the NuMali Ambassador application.  You may complete this form and email it to the below address.

For more information or to submit your application please email

NuMali Ambassador Application
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