Spirit of Sports Winners

February 24, 2013

Brebeuf Jesuit Women’s Soccer Team has been nominated for the Service of the Poor Award by Coach Gary Yohe. The team has been nominated for their work in the village of Niamsansan in Mali, Africa.

The village of Niamsansan had not had a visitor from outside of Mali in over 100 years. They have nothing: no water, school, or electricity. The girls of the Brebeuf soccer team have a strong desire to help underserved, impoverished communities and they wanted to reduce inequity. Due to the lack of safe drinking water, which leads to hunger and disease, they chose to bring water to this community. This would prevent the villagers of Niamsansan from walking seven miles each way to get a pail of water.

The girls each bought t-shirts and wore them to warm up before games, to promote t-shirt sales. They sold the t-shirts at concessions at all of their games. The girls helped raise enough money to actually dig a well in the village and provide solar powered water. The BJGS team also collected gently used items like clothing, shoes and toothbrushes. They collected enough to ship an entire container to Mali to distribute to the villagers. Many, for the first time, had shoes to wear.

Since the first trip, these girls have gone back and began to plan other visits where they will bring reinforcements to help nourish the village. Many of the girls are holding down after school jobs to help pay for their way to Mali. These girls will be giving their love, sweat and tears to help the impoverished people of this village receive just the most basic things.

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